• MArch

    A. Ryan Coleman
    Alix Daguin
    Aubrey Davidson
    Benjamin Leavitt
    Blake Hudelson
    Cesar Adrian Lopez
    Clara Tresgallo
    Clarissa Urquico
    Dane Bunton
    David Fredlund
    Desiree Fox
    Edgardo Peña
    Garrett Ryan Miller
    Greg Baker
    Hadit Mejia Castro
    Jaime Pangelinan
    Jasmine Zhou
    Kenneth Lin
    Kristina Kotlier
    Lawrence Davidson
    Lee Seon Hou
    Matthew Arnold
    Michael Atherton
    Mulhem Khogeer
    Nastaran Mousavi
    Osma Dossani
    Philip Jones
    Sarah Lucy Estephan
    Tammy LePham
    Zachary Moore

  • Architecture

    Students from CCA’s Master of Architecture class of 2013 demonstrate their potential as innovators within their final academic explorations. Research and design is conducted within the context of the work’s contribution to the advancement of contemporary architectural discourses and practice. Through a two-semester course sequence in the third year of the program, MArch students develop an advanced thesis through research, analysis and design. This work is initiated within a research-oriented seminar in the fall, and completed within a spring design studio. Thesis explorations are critiqued by a juried panel in a final academic review and presented in the 2013 MArch Thesis Exhibition, open to the public on the San Francisco campus.

    Architecture 2013 Thesis Show
    May 16 – 25
    CCA Campus Center 1st Floor and Playspace
    10 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
    Open to the public