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  • Benjamin D. Marlowe - CCA Graduate Thesis Events

    Benjamin D. Marlowe

    Willie Keeler
    Play the Sleeve (film still)
    Dope Stone Lion

    Willie Keeler



    Love Letters From Abroad


    Play the Sleeve (film still)

    Film Still from Stop-Motion animation, 2012

    Dope Stone Lion


    The Red

    Experimental Animation, 2013

    Collection Of Debris

    Experimental Animation, 2012

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    Artist Statement

    My interests lie somewhere near the crossroads. I am accessing those moments in which you decide a direction, locate yourself in the environment and simply keep moving. I make animations referencing the monotony of labor and journey: the inner turmoil, the selflessness and selfishness, those who react to it, those who conform to it. To some extent, I am producing a ballad for each one. I am speaking of labor in terms of quotidian employment, but also labor for your personal betterment and practice. The more you put into it, repeating these actions, ingesting and synthesizing, the stronger your will and satisfaction.

    I illustrate in black and white, creating overlays on both my own, and sampled, films. I inhabit these worlds, as it is therapeutic to draw in an image sequence. It’s the same thing over and over again. You may reinterpret it a thousand times. Each still frame is a very specific denotation of time. I react to the film, mining its memories, pulling gesture to the surface with the efforts of my hand. A sporadic kinetic-ism, articulated in 24 frames per second, is amplified. If the subject is graceful, if the subject is clumsy… I am always in anticipation, incorporating influences from graphic illustration, sculpture, film, hip-hop and poetry. My obsession is my skill-set, an indicator of my capacity.