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  • Calder Yates - CCA Graduate Thesis Events

    Calder Yates

    An Impossible Assignment For Front Loaders

    Some Investigations Into Tragicomedy

    WWI: Reconstruction/Correcting the Record

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    Some Investigations Into Tragicomedy  thumbnail
    WWI: Reconstruction/Correcting the Record thumbnail



    Artist Statement

    These projects represent an increasing interest in tragedy. I’ve become interested in stories of individuals or groups operating—in some cases struggling—within particular circumstances in good faith, only to have their circumstances ultimately defeat them. In arranging images that rhyme with a recurrent visual language of struggle, I believe that aesthetics share important similarities with other ineffable experiences such as a natural disaster, experiences that—because they are beyond words—are to a certain extent unintelligible. Since aspects of these events exist beyond language, they go unrecorded and become invisible, but hold the potential for comprehension in the physical detritus left behind.