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  • Celeste Connor - CCA Graduate Thesis Events

    Celeste Connor

    Post Cataclysm Maps
    Lichen/Moss Triptych
    worm photo collage


    3D: h. 10", w. 24", d. 8"

    Assemblage, Mixed Media: books, wood

    Post Cataclysm Maps

    4 panels 9'X9"

    Relief Collage

    Lichen/Moss Triptych

    h. 12", w. 8", d. 7"

    3 texts, liive lichen and moss

    worm photo collage

    h. 8", w. 11"

    Clay and photograph

    Cornice  thumbnail
    Post Cataclysm Maps thumbnail
    Lichen/Moss Triptych thumbnail
    worm photo collage thumbnail


    Artist Statement

    These images are representations of my MFA environment titled “The Ecotopian Archive.” All objects are made of found, salvaged and re-purposed materials: discarded books, book pages and covers, a variety of tools, painted wood panels and linoleum block prints.