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  • Floris Schönfeld - CCA Graduate Thesis Events

    Floris Schönfeld

    Altar for Erzulie Dantor #1
    Damagomi Experiment #1; Phyllis Says
    Damagomi Artifact #2; Mobile Measuring Unit
    Damagomi Artifact #1; Tuning Set

    Altar for Erzulie Dantor #1

    3 x 9 ft.

    Mixed media installation; personal artifacts, bathroom tile, gold leaf, 16mm film projection

    Damagomi Experiment #1; Phyllis Says

    4 x 2 ft.

    Mixed media installation; potted common philodendron, cathode-ray oscilloscope

    Damagomi Artifact #2; Mobile Measuring Unit

    1.5 x 4.5 ft.

    Various measuring devices and Redwood cane

    Damagomi Artifact #1; Tuning Set

    19 x 7 inch

    Bronze casting

    Discours de Fou

    Single channel digital video, 28 minutes

    The Richest Family; Episode 1

    Single channel digital video, 19 minutes

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    Damagomi Experiment #1; Phyllis Says thumbnail
    Damagomi Artifact #2; Mobile Measuring Unit thumbnail
    Damagomi Artifact #1; Tuning Set thumbnail
    Discours de Fou thumbnail
    The Richest Family; Episode 1 thumbnail


    Artist Statement

    The focus of my work in the last few years has been the relationship between fiction and faith. With fiction I mean something that can be identified as a preconceived construction. My motivation in questioning this relationship is to find out to what extent the power of fiction can be used to reshape reality and how far belief can be replaced with a suspension of disbelief.

    I tend to work within the context of projects that can last for an indefinite period and encompass a number of different individual works. I try to find a seemingly very simple premise or question as the starting point for these projects and let this premise generate the meaning and form the project will take. So I am constantly trying to find the line between defining my context and being defined by it.

    In his series “Creative Mythology” Joseph Campbell cites a number of tribes on Papua New Guinea who’s storytellers are not allowed to prematurely stop their stories without providing a defined ending. If they do not end their stories then the door between the fictional world and the real world is left open and the two start to mingle causing all kinds of mayhem. It is this unbalanced grey area that I am looking for in my projects.