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    Itsa' meeee, and my theeeeeesiiiissssssss

    Itsa' meeee, and my theeeeeesiiiissssssss

    Rabbit ears, and bug eyes.

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    Thesis Abstract

    Rabbit left everything behind in New York City:his family, his gang, and his super-powers. My novel, RABBIT: the true life tales & unexpected confessions of a former teenage super-villain, follows Eugene Wasserman, once known to the world as Wiz-Kid: the invincible boy, but known to his friends and foes as Rabbit, from the streets and skies of Manhattan, the mecca of superhuman life, to the dregs of Portland, Oregon. Broke, and scared in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Rabbit is a young wizard in remission trying to lead a normal life without the help of his magic word, but is drawn back into the world of superhuman drama when he is tracked down and seduced by an obsessive telepathic tabloid reporter who begs the question: where were all the superheroes on the day the towers fell? and why was Rabbit the only one to appear?

    The novel endeavors to leap the barriers separating genres, combining prose, cartooning, and metafictional pieces, functioning as artifacts from a world where spandex fantasy is reality, where giant robots smoke weed, and where magik is re-imagined as a situationist art movement. The first in a series of post-punk sci-fi.

    Rabbit Chapter 1: Fortunate