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    Jim Norrena

    Jim Norrena

    Jim Norrena

    I always wanted to be someone ... Now I realize I should have been more specific (Lily Tomlin)




    Thesis Abstract

    The work Marriages for the Byrds is a dramatic representation of California’s complex wavering on the issue of same-sex marriage. It addresses issues from both a political and social perspective to emphasize inherent injustices as well as the personal ramifications that have ensued in our lives.

    In highlighting the contradictory nature of California’s existing laws (that allow almost anyone under any circumstance to legally marry), while systematically denying this same liberty to a specific group of persons, the play serves as a metaphor for justice – or injustice – not only in California, but also internationally, wherever marriage is practiced.

    The two-act, full-length play, while not an absurdist play, does depict absurd relationships – both in their origin and demise – that serve to put the legitimacy of the institution of marriage under scrutiny.

    The relationships in the play are figuratively given life, but then the relationships succumb to death … and eventually each one experiences a celebrated rebirth.

    The audience is invariably pressed to consider what truly legitimizes a relationship. Is it the relationship itself, or is a “valid” marriage sufficient?

    Finding what makes us happy is the underlying current in this political comedy of errors.