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    Lisa B. Woods

    HandMade Stories
    The (un)Writing Project
    MetroSuite interactive table
    Buu (Between You and You) app
    Short film about the Garden of Fine Arts, Tokyo

    HandMade Stories

    An interactive iPad app-based installation

    HandMade Stories is an iPad-based interactive installation that collects portraits of hands and brief stories about making work by hand from participants. The aggregate work wishes to reflect an abstract 'group portrait' of the community and its attitudes toward making.

    The (un)Writing Project

    The (Un)writing Poetry Project is a concept for web-based tool that allows people to create virtual “blackout poems.” Digitized books from the public domain (suitable for all ages) are the raw material for the poems. All archived poems can be browsed and shared in a myriad of ways.


    MetroSuite interactive table

    MetroSuite is a service design system that includes an app, public campaign, a train platform experience, two private train booths, and an interactive table. The end-to-end Night Out experience evelates riding public transit into an social multi-sensory, concierge experience.


    Buu (Between You and You) app

    What if individuals could harness the power of our aggregate data the way companies do? How would it transform our understanding of our world and of ourselves?


    Short film about the Garden of Fine Arts, Tokyo

    The Garden of Fine Arts is one my favorites of the places our summer abroad class visited in Tokyo and Kyoto this summer. The open-air gallery designed by architect Tadao Ando creates a unique art-viewing experience. I hope this video expresses a bit of how amazing this place really is.


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    Thesis Abstract

    With the advent of Web 2.0 and social media, participation has become a ubiquitous aspect of our society. People desire and expect to be in meaningful dialogue with the products, media, entertainment, and services they use. Crowdsourced and participatory art—that is, creative projects where public contribution is essential—is a by-product of this zeitgeist.

    All stripes of artists and designers—from graphic designers, activists, documentary filmmakers, musician, to museums exhibit designers, sculptors, painters, and architects—are innovating ways to include the public in the creative process.

    This is a recent trend, so few resources exist for creatives eager to learn the methodology and best practices for understanding and creating these open socio-technical systems. This thesis is my exploration into this space. Through research, concepting, prototyping, and trial and error I have begun to develop my own approach, philosophy, and methodology of making participatory art. My hope is that this thesis can be of some help to other creatives interested in designing for public participation.