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    Melissa Louise Kuhn

    The author, hanging around with a monster

    The author, hanging around with a monster

    Photo by Amal Hassan



    Thesis Abstract

    My thesis is split into three sections of poetry. “El Dorado Hills” is about the joys of the childhood trauma we all go through (heightened by having a mentally ill parent), specifically within the apartment complex my family lived in while I was in elementary school. “I’ll Send Fish” focuses in on my obsession with many forms of water – the ocean, snow, ice, etc – and some of the creatures that live in it. The final section is a series of prose poems about the life and death of my ten year old nephew, Eythan, called “The Hiding Spot”. I’ll be hand-binding my work and also including a bit of art for the cover and to introduce each section.

    Selections from “I’ll Send Fish”