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  • Osma Dossani - CCA Graduate Thesis Events

    Osma Dossani

    Unique Slums
    SRA Homes
    Industry Logics
    Industry Logics 2
    Unique Structures
    Collisions between logics
    Conflict between two Logics
    New way of living
    Collisions with existing SRA buildings
    New economic stimulus

    Unique Slums

    Each slum in Mumbai is Unique

    The slums in India range from very well developed to temporary shacks--this is due to the economic status and stability of the inhabitants. Special thanks to P.K. Das and Associates for their maps. Other images were taken by myself.

    SRA Homes

    Vertical Slums of Mumbai

    The city of Mumbai is attempting to raze existing slums and house them in Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) housing, but it is very poor quality.

    Industry Logics

    Each Industry has its own logic.

    The above is an extraction of 6 different industries in Dharavi; Pottery, Wax Dyeing, Plastic Recycling, Oil Can Recycling, Poppadom Making, and Biscuit making.

    Industry Logics 2

    Photos accompanying industries

    Unique Structures

    Build a floating city above the slums as an economic stimulus

    Each structure that comes out of this will be a unique one, following the logic of the industry

    Collisions between logics

    Unique structures will collide with existing and each other

    Conflict between two Logics

    Conflict between two industries can create new stabilities

    For example: The heat from the pottery kilns can feed the heat for the plastic recycling

    New way of living

    The Wax Dyeing industry can have a new way of horizontal community

    Collisions with existing SRA buildings

    This kind of collision can create new opportunities

    New economic stimulus

    While this render seems to overcast over the existing slums, it is intended to simply be an economic provider for them. This project is still evolving, and the next iteration allows for more sunlight and sky to penetrate below.

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    SRA Homes thumbnail
    Industry Logics thumbnail
    Industry Logics 2 thumbnail
    Unique Structures thumbnail
    Collisions between logics thumbnail
    Conflict between two Logics thumbnail
    New way of living thumbnail
    Collisions with existing SRA buildings thumbnail
    New economic stimulus thumbnail



    Thesis Abstract

    There are over 200 unique slums in Mumbai. What makes each slum different is the industry of the slum dwellers. Some industries are very lucrative, leading to very refined slum huts, and others are less so, leading to make-shift shacks. The city of Mumbai is now making a great effort to raze these areas and house slumdwellers in high rises. This “solution” is corrupted by poor construction, and spatially does not consider the importance of industry. This project offers an alternative.

    The strategy begins with extracting the logic of each industry. The next step uses this logic it to create floating city above slums. It begins as a safe haven from the heavy flooding of the monsoon, but as the structure grows in squarefootage, it transforms into a workplace for the slum dwellers below. This workplace will then produce the same raw and finished goods it does on the ground, but with an architecture that is designed specifically for that industry. As this grows, a marketplace will become an hub for people to trade these raw and finished goods. This will become very attractive to a foriegn market, and the implementation of a hotel will accomodate international buyers and tourists, as well as create new jobs for poorly paid slum dwellers.