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    Susan L. Lin

    sit by the phone and wait for him to call

    sit by the phone and wait for him to call



    Thesis Abstract

    My thesis is a novel-in-progress spanning a period of twenty years in one boy’s life. At its core, Tyrannosaurus Rexia explores themes of artificiality, hybridization, technological advancement, de(con)struction of body, and the life and death of pre-historic dinosaurs. Like much of my previous work, the novel also serves as satirical commentary on the media and its role in defining gender stereotypes and other societal norms.

    In a more general sense, my artistic interests include (but are not limited to): the omniscient first person narrator, hybrid/cross-genre texts, participatory theater, dance choreography, stop-motion animation, site-specific installation, fragmentation, parallelism, mistaken identity, mental illness, memory loss, regional folklore, pop-up books, optical illusions, alternate realities, islands, labyrinths, hotels, abnormally large bathrooms, two-way mirrors, and natural disasters.

    I’ve always believed that fiction should be the truest thing there is. Like most true things, I never know where it will lead me next.