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  • Zachary Moore - CCA Graduate Thesis Events

    Zachary Moore

    Core Sample - Aggregating Urban Production
    Aggregating Urban Production
    Fog Por[t]ch - Belvedere View
    Fog Por[t]ch - Night Render
    Fog Por[t]ch - Sections and Plan
    Niu Shi Alley Terraces - Nanjing, China

    Core Sample - Aggregating Urban Production

    This describes a small portion of the overall thesis: Repurposing a grain elevators silos for heterogeneous use; a 3D Factory.

    Digital. Spring 2013.

    Aggregating Urban Production

    It is hypothesized that the large-scale, homogenous relics of industry can be re-tooled to serve small-scale, local manufacturing.

    Digital. Spring 2013.

    Fog Por[t]ch - Belvedere View

    The design for a new San Francisco ferry terminal. A view from atop the Belevedere platform.

    Digital. Fall 2012. Collaboration with Kristina Kotlier.

    Fog Por[t]ch - Night Render

    A view of the ferry terminal at night from the San Francisco Bay.

    Digital. Fall 2012. Collaboration with Kristina Kotlier.

    Fog Por[t]ch - Sections and Plan

    The new ferry terminal is situated directly behind the Ferry Building in San Francisco with views of the Bay.

    Digital. Fall 2012. Collaboration with Kristina Kotlier.

    Niu Shi Alley Terraces - Nanjing, China

    The design for a Chinese culinary institute weaves a community-based program through a neighborhood that was demolished in 2006.

    Digital. Spring 2012. Collaboration with Dane Bunton.

    Core Sample - Aggregating Urban Production thumbnail
    Aggregating Urban Production thumbnail
    Fog Por[t]ch - Belvedere View thumbnail
    Fog Por[t]ch - Night Render thumbnail
    Fog Por[t]ch - Sections and Plan thumbnail
    Niu Shi Alley Terraces - Nanjing, China thumbnail



    Thesis Abstract

    Advancements in digital manufacturing and technology are creating more specialized jobs, driving economic growth, and generating a new typology of hybrid maker communities. The accessibility of new tools is allowing individuals to produce goods locally, dawning a future of urban production that is heterogeneous, small-scale and collaborative. With the success of companies such as Etsy, Ponoko and Lifehacker, prototyping and manufacturing has fallen into the hands of everyday individuals.

    In order to stimulate growth and create jobs for the emerging classes of specialized labor forces is to adapt to the volatility. The country is challenged with handling the transition and needs to address how multiple, more advanced streams of production can operate effectively together.

    Oakland’s industrial waterfront offers a swath of abandoned structures once serving specific, homogenous functions. Because of their embodied material, shear scale and adjacency to cities these relics contain the infrastructure that could catalyze a revolution of urban production. Strategically, they are located along vital communication and distribution networks that could proliferate more transparent product development.

    It is the prerogative of this thesis to consider the implications for these large scale devices to introduce new frameworks allowing new heterogeneous forms of urban production to exist simultaneously in complex aggregations.